Why Hollywood Loves Puerto Rico

Versatile locations, attractive rebates and experience crews have everyone from the “Fast Five” producers to HBO and Showtime headed to the Caribbean hotspot — it’s more than just the rum.

What do HBO’s hit offbeat comedy Eastbound & Down, the Vin Diesel action extravaganza Fast Five and the Leonardo DiCaprio-produced thriller Runner, Runner have in common? Puerto Rico, one of Hollywood’s new favorite shooting destinations. With about 70 percent of foreign shoots there employing the region as a convincing stand-in for other locations, the commonwealth has thrived lately thanks to a host of factors. Here are five reasons why Hollywood is increasingly heading to the “Island of Enchantment” for offshore shoots: More bang for your buck, no foreign exchange rate, rich in locations, experienced english-speaking crews and a safe shooting environment.  Read entire article here: The Hollywood Reporter

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