Need a Permit? We’ve got your back!

Our experienced Location Scouts and Fixers have a strong network of government and community resources in Puerto Rico to get the perfect location for you!

“Puerto Rico consists of a main island surrounded by a cluster of smaller ones. As one might expect, Puerto Rico appeals to tourists thanks to a number of stunning locations, but what it offers filmmakers is diversity: from lush mountains and white-sand beaches to colonial-era architecture and modern, urban settings.”

John Hecht , The Hollywood Reporter

An Eye for Detail

When looking for the perfect location for your film project or photo shoot we take in consideration:

Aesthetic: The director’s vision and the description in the script.

Distance: Location distances to assess the feasibility of transporting cast, crew, and equipment.

Permits: Secure permits, no mater if the location is privately owned or on a city, state, or federal property.

Cost: Whether it’s finding interesting locations for indie movies, photography, documentaries or high-end productions.

Logistics: Assess parking, cell reception, electrical power sources, space for craft services, and bathrooms. Check on regulations, restrictions and security.

Environment: Examine the natural light as well as interior light, ambient sound and general climate of the area.

Cueva Ventana

About Puerto Rico
● Puerto Rico is part of the United States, a territory since 1898
● Puerto Ricans are US citizens since 1917
● All US federal labor, safety, banking, minimum wage, and immigration laws apply
● The currency is the US Dollar
● US citizens do not need a passport or visa to travel to Puerto Rico
● Residents do not pay federal income taxes, but contribute to the US Medicare and Social Security systems
● Centrally located between California and Europe
● International airport with direct flights from Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Europe
● Sophisticated banking services
● Modern transportation infrastructure
● Major US hotel chains and boutiques around the Island (Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, etc.)
● Major US store chains (COSTCO, Home Depot, Marshalls, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc.)
● Excellent cell phone reception with no roaming charges
● Overnight courier and shipping services
● High speed broadband Internet services
● US accredited bilingual schools and universities
● Fun, warm, safe and exciting destination with amenities