Lunática is a One-Stop Shop For Your Production Needs

Lunática is a leading production services company in Puerto Rico. Our experienced staff of production managers, location scouts, fixers and assistants ensure that all aspects of the process runs smoothly. We have partnered with top media outlets, filmmakers and brands covering all aspects of production for film, television, photo shoots, commercials, documentaries and new media.

Our services are fully customizable, we adapt to the needs of every client and project. We have a large pool of local skilled location scouts, camera operators, cinematographers, videographers and knowledgeable union and non-union crew. We also have access to major camera, sound and lighting equipment to bring your vision to life.

“Puerto Rico consists of a main island surrounded by a cluster of smaller ones. As one might expect, Puerto Rico appeals to tourists thanks to a number of stunning locations, but what it offers filmmakers is diversity: from lush mountains and white-sand beaches to colonial-era architecture and modern, urban settings.” – John Hecht The Hollywood Reporter

Outstanding Production Attributes

● Skilled and experienced bilingual and bicultural crews
● Track record on delivering on schedule and on budget
● Diversity of locations in close proximity (possible to shoot more than one location on the same day)
● Ethnic diversity
● Equipment and crew available to supply several productions simultaneously
● Soundstages (TV) and warehouses for filming on sets
● Extras and stand-ins non-SAG
● Post-production, animation, and sound recording facilities
● Overnight dailies (three or four hours ahead from Los Angeles time)
● Availability of government locations for free
Full government support
● Variety of production vendors (equipment, catering, accountants, attorneys, etc.)

“These are extremely good crews and it has worked out well.”  Patrick McCormick, executive producer of The Rum Diary


“People don’t necessarily register that this is a U.S. territory. It doesn’t present the same headaches as filming in a foreign country.”

James Holt, Executive Producer of The Men Who Stare at Goats


“I would advise anyone in the world to shoot in Puerto Rico because I’ve found that the work ethics are so strong in the film community that it helped make the magic that we made.”

Vin Diesel, producer and actor of Fast & Furious