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  • Real America With Jorge Ramos: Puerto Rico, One Year Later

    Jorge Ramos travels to Puerto Rico, one year after Hurricane Maria devastated the island and killed nearly 3,000 people.

    He follows a group of doctors and nurses working to provide healthcare to the growing homeless community after the storm, and talks to Héctor Pesquera about how the government is preparing for the next hurricane. He also meets with Alexandra Lúgaro, who believes that the future of Puerto Rico depends on the strength of its education system.

    (Puedes ver este episodio con subtítulos en español si haz un click en el botón “CC” en el video en tu teléfono.)

  • Coverage of Hurricane Maria for

    IMG_0015Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, devastating the island and plunging all of its 3.4 million residents into a desperate humanitarian crisis.  Tamaris Cañals and Lunatica Productions collaborated with providing raw footage, interviews and special reports.

  • Mariah Carey “You’re Mine (Eternal)”

     Mariah Carey chooses a rainforest in Puerto Rico for the shoot of her latest video “You’re Mine” (Island Def Jam Recordings).  Directed by Indrani and produced by Good Company’s Brian Welsh, Keenan Flynn and Tamaris Cañals from Lunatica Productions.  Mariah Carey says: “The reason we went there, first it’s I love Puerto Rico, it’s one of my favorite places ever…and I did my favorite video, one of my favorites, “Honey” was filmed there at The Conquistador Hotel so we went back!  We went to the rainforest and that was amazing…so I highly recommend people go there.”  The song is available on Itunes.

  • Beyoncé’s Music Video “Heaven”

    Lunatica provided all production services in Puerto Rico for Beyoncé’s video “Heaven”.  The piece is part of her new “Visual Album”  available on Itunes.  Directed by Todd Tourso, local production by Tamaris Cañals for Parkwood Entertainment.


  • Orchestra Lunatica music in LA MARQUE DES ANGES, starring Gerard Depardieu


    Director Sylvain White once again uses Orchestra Lunatica in his latest project, a French thriller coming to a general release in 2013. After the murder of a choir leader, Lionel Kasdan, a retired policeman who attends the concerned parish, investigates for himself besides the official inquiry. Cédric Volokine, a cop from the Childhood Protection Brigade undergoing a detox, is also interested in the case which seems to implicate children…Sylvain had previously used Orchestra Lunatica in his 2010 WB film “The Losers”.


  • Why Hollywood Loves Puerto Rico

    Versatile locations, attractive rebates and experience crews have everyone from the “Fast Five” producers to HBO and Showtime headed to the Caribbean hotspot — it’s more than just the rum.

    What do HBO’s hit offbeat comedy Eastbound & Down, the Vin Diesel action extravaganza Fast Five and the Leonardo DiCaprio-produced thriller Runner, Runner have in common? Puerto Rico, one of Hollywood’s new favorite shooting destinations. With about 70 percent of foreign shoots there employing the region as a convincing stand-in for other locations, the commonwealth has thrived lately thanks to a host of factors. Here are five reasons why Hollywood is increasingly heading to the “Island of Enchantment” for offshore shoots: More bang for your buck, no foreign exchange rate, rich in locations, experienced english-speaking crews and a safe shooting environment.  Read entire article here: The Hollywood Reporter

  • Lunatica contributes to “Resident Evil: Retribution” trailer

    Dave Resnik, Dan Nielsen and the Lunatica muscians recently had the privilege to record “Baba O’Reilly”, the classic song popularized by The Who on the new RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION’s trailer. “It’s always fun when you get to go in a recording studio and track a classic composition”, says Resnik. Recorded at The Record Plant in Hollywood, Dave and crew capture the true essence of the track.

  • Lunatica recently completed work on trailers for “Footloose” remake

    Lunatica recently completed work on trailers for “Footloose”, working with The Ant Farm in Hollywood, CA. Dave and his crew of studio musicians’ recreated parts of the classic “Footloose” track for the remake of this film, starring Dennis Quaid and scheduled for October 2011 release.

    This same crew, working with Tao Creative in Los Angeles, CA, composed the trailer score for the upcoming ”A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” starring Jason Sudekis, scheduled for later in 2011.

  • Four new tracks for artist Daniel Nielsen produced by  Lunatica

    Trailer music legend Daniel Nielsen and Lunatica’s Dave Resnik, along with producer and arranger Juan Covarrubias completed production of four tracks for the “Fringe Element” music library entitled “Daniel Nielsen: Four”. Released by Red Arc Music of Santa Monica, CA., these drama-oriented cues are geared to film and television advertising. Currently available through

  • “Orchestra Lunatica” now available online

    “Orchestra Lunatica” the instrumental indy post modern group conceived by Dave Resnik and Juan Covarrubias for Lunatica Productions, is available on I-Tunes, Amazon, Spotify and most digital stores. Entitled “A Chance Encounter”, five instrumental tracks by Orchestra Lunatica are currently for sale or license.

    Hear Orchestra Lunatica in Warner Bros. Film “The Losers”, now on cable and DVD. The band is currently working in Los Angeles on material for a new release and remixes of some earlier best sellers.

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